Design Planning and Consulting

Emt provides a team of surveyors, architects, engineers and specialized technicians to carry out any type of project ranging from light and heavy structural ironwork and steelwork, to the processing of noble metals.

In fact, thanks to the cutting-edge equipment at our disposal we are able to process other materials such as marble and glass, with the same level of precision and care, guaranteeing the best results and performance.

Our team will be completely at your service to satisfy any kind of request. We will evaluate how feasible the project is together and we will find the best solutions to provide you with the highest quality product and reduce as much as possible the costs of construction.

We will be with you at every stage of the project, from the presentation of the first design draft, right up to implementation. Your project becomes our project, just like your satisfaction is our satisfaction.

How is the design process carried out? Standard procedure usually consists of the following phases (NB each project has its own story and its own particular requirements, therefore the design phases also vary according to the needs):

1. the customer submits their request, often accompanied by a first draft of the preliminary design;

2. Emt then examines the project and its feasibility; most of the time, an inspection of the dimensions taken is required, in order to confirm the true situation on the construction site and take measurements;

3. a proposal is then provided and once an agreement has been reached, we move on to the production process;

4. the drawings then go into the workshop under the supervision of the Workshop Manager who coordinates all the necessary steps for production, internal and external processing, cleaning, finishing, packing and storage;

5. if requested, we then move to the on-site assembly phase incorporating any recent "improvements".

Everything is carried out with the utmost professionalism and under strict quality control, which have always been at the very foundations of our work and the pride of our business for three generations.

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