Metal and other material finishes

Shiny or satin finishes are the most requested by the best designers, architects and project managers, who find in us the desire and skills to transform their designs and ideas into a tangible product.

The continuous technological innovation of EMT, through constant investment in latest generation machinery, allows our plants to offer a wide range of services related to the processing of sheet metal and other materials.

The processing of steel and brass, as well as gold, copper and bronze represent a key strength of our company. Custom processes, where the product's uniqueness is guaranteed by the designer's imagination and the quality of the master craftsman.

The way we work, our continuous pursuit of excellence and customer satisfaction, is what sets us apart from the competition. Each project is custom designed and produced.

We meet any type of requirement, including the most varied shapes and sizes, and all kinds of materials and finishes. Each product has its own story and is unique.

Our work is all about shapes, lines, and proportions, which makes it possible to create, with the greatest attention to quality, items and objects for the most varied of uses. We can create stairs, gates, railings, gazebos, chandeliers and decorative items of any kind. Gold leaf finishes, brass castings and handrails with special coatings and veneers.

With brass you can range from small objects such as handles and knobs, moving on to more selected objects such as friezes, grab bars for residential doors and furnishings for villas, embassies or hotels, and ending with balustrades, and grille railings for air conditioning or skylights. Brass can be finished in many ways, such as: polishing, gilding, nickel-plating and bronzing.

With steel, frequently used over the last decade in the field of design, you can produce: elegant steel and glass stairs, pool access ladders, columns, lift cladding and also interior designs.

With glass, a material that we work with daily, you can create railings, windows, and mirrors coated and finished in a variety of ways and types.

In short, a fully comprehensive service, which is the very pride of our business and which enhances the quality of our made in Italy products, both nationally and internationally.

Our finishes

The various types of finish that we can provide, in detail are:

  • Powder coating;
  • Lacquering;
  • Galvanizing;
  • Galvanizing treatments (chrome plating, nickel plating, bronzing, gilding);
  • Anodizing

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