Metal Structural Work

Metal structural work represents the very foundation of this company. It all started with structural ironwork, leading us to where we are today, with the processing of noble metals such as copper, brass, and bronze.

By constantly following the development of the markets and staying up-to-date on the latest technologies and machinery, we have created metal structures to meet any need: industrial warehouses, bridges, sports facilities, domestic structures, airports and much more.

In fact, we can provide an all-round service ranging from light metal structural work to heavy or industrial metal structural work. Based on the thickness of the sheet we can carry out different types of structural works for various purposes. Light structural works such as doors, gates, railings, fences, iron and steel window and door frames, or heavy structural works such as domestic or industrial roofing, indoor and outdoor stairs, etc.

With the help of advanced machinery such as oxy-fuel welding and cutting, bending presses, assembly and bending machines we produce iron structures of the highest quality and resistance, guaranteeing full penetration welds, certified by the best international welding institutes.

All of our work is assessed and verified in order to comply with the latest safety regulations. All of our structural works are completed, where necessary, with the appropriate finishing process, such as sandblasting, painting, hot-dip or cold galvanizing, or polishing.

Our many years of experience in the industry and the recognition we have acquired from companies and customers with whom we have worked over the years, allow us to guarantee both a fully comprehensive service and proven reliability ranging from design to production, and even to assembly and mounting.

We provide not only skilled workers but also a truly effective network of professionals in the steel sector (engineers, architects, designers and technicians), all at the customer's service, for works ranging from structural ironwork or steelwork to the processing of noble metals and the necessary related finishes.

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