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With industry experience going back over more than fifty years. From father to son, three generations have handed down the same passion and dedication to this work.

It all began with iron structural works, and developed into what EMT is today. A company specialized in the construction of prestigious works of architecture: composed mainly of metal, with the inclusion of alternative materials such as precious woods, glass, sandblasted mirrors and artistic castings, all finely processed and assembled as such projects require.


Latest generation machines operated by expert hands

At EMT, architectural projects and drawings are transformed into high quality products through the use of state-of-the-art technology such as computer numerical control (CNC) water jet cutters and high definition plasma cutters in order to shape any type of material on the basis of two-dimensional drawings: sheets of iron, gold, copper, bronze, brass and aluminium; the welding of stainless steel and iron with automatic TIG systems; and the polishing of large sheets with automatic systems.

Sophisticated technologies operated by the expert hands of our engineers, architects, technical surveyors and highly specialized workers with upmost professionalism and competence. Such employees, following the traditional processes and teachings of the great artisans and combining this with new techniques and market trends, are the real strength of the company.

Flexibility and versatility, everything is made to measure

The client's project is our project. What sets us apart is our way of working. We aim to make customer satisfaction our satisfaction. We are always in pursuit of excellence. To achieve this, every project must be custom designed and produced. What comes out of our workshop, and is then assembled and mounted on-site, is unique and with its own story. There are no restrictions in terms of shapes, dimensions, materials and finishes.

We work all kinds of metals, iron, gold, brass, bronze, steel, aluminium. We can create gates, railings, balustrades, decorative panels, but also furniture and design products, as well as kiosks, pavilions and large chandeliers. Our constant attention to new trends, in the awareness that metal is always a material attraction for architects and designers, makes us a point of reference within our sector for those who want to see their ideas become a reality.


Made in Italy, exported abroad

The biggest recognition of our company is the fact that not only do we work in Italy, but also and above all, we work abroad with large companies and prestigious clients. We work in Saudi Arabia, Russia, France, Qatar, Oman, Brunei, Morocco, and Spain and always with excellent results. For us, it is an honour and a privilege to be able to export in such a way the quality and spirit of made in Italy.



From carpentry to design

In over 50 years of activity we have carried out every type of project



EMT leading company

The high professionalism and quality of EMT today is present all over the world

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