Forging rooted in age-old traditions. Being able to shape the metal with the same ease with which architects and designers draw their ideas.

Emt metalworking is synonymous with the guarantee of fully comprehensive service, paying attention to the smallest detail, with the aim of full customer satisfaction. Individuals, companies, small and medium-sized enterprises, architects, sculptors and interior designers turn to us for the flexibility and versatility that our company has acquired and proven over the years.

We can shape to custom specifications: sheets, marble slabs, sheets of glass or plexiglass, multilayer wood, and specialist materials to then provide either a semi-finished, or even a fully finished product, depending on the needs of the customer.

We can carry out folds, curvatures, cambers, milling, polishing and specialist treatments on sheet metal, tubes, and framing of any kind and in any material, all using computerized machines under computer numerical control operated by specialized technicians.

Thanks to our cutting-edge technologies it is also possible to work on the so-called noble metals (gold, brass, copper, bronze) with maximum precision and care, avoiding warpage and burring.

Machinery such as numerical control cutting, water jet cuttingand high definition plasma cutters for metalworking, and more. Marble, wood, glass, plexiglass and aluminium, can all be processed in the same way and with the same success, ensuring a service that always guarantees maximum efficiency in its great versatility.

Workable materials:

We are in fact able to cut, mill, fold and bend etc., any type of surface, whether it is flat, curved or inclined. Thickness is never a problem. From 1mm to 100mm and in some cases even ranging up to 150mm.

Our latest generation machines allow us to offer a wide range of metalworking techniques and, as stated above, not limited to metalwork alone. Below is a quick and detailed list to give you an idea. Ranging from basic plate and sheet processing to finishing techniques:

  • Computer numerical control cutting (cnc);
  • Water jet cutting;
  • High definition plasma cutting;
  • Metal casting;
  • Hot and cold forging;
  • Tig, arc, gas, dot, and continuous welding;
  • Cleaning and polishing;
  • Folding and press brake bending of metals;
  • Metal cambering;
  • Glazing;
  • Finishing;
  • Cambered sections;
  • Milling;
  • Satin finishes;
  • Sandblasting

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